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Community integration

Helping youth find their roles in community building

Kids Playing Tug of War

After-school program

Our after school program gives students opportunities to learn life skills, get homework assistance, explore interests and have a safe place to go where they can be productive. 

Transport/Check-in: Staff provides transportation for all youth to and from our agency.


Recreation/Physical Activity: We utilize this time to connect our youth with resources within their community through volunteer work community events or community activities.


Dinner: Youth are provided with a meal. 


Life Skills: Staff work with youth on skills including anger management, emotional regulation, creating boundaries, executive functioning, daily living skills, stress tolerance, and interpersonal skills. Focus is on one skill per week.


Wrap-up/Transport: Staff reviews behavioral goals and expectations children should meet in the community and at home.

summer program

Our summer program provides children and adolescents with social emotional learning, structure, life skills, and self-esteem development. 

Youth are involved in daily community-based activities designed to enhance social and self-awareness while increasing daily living skills and correcting errors in thinking. The goal is to decrease problematic behaviors and increase appropriate emotional and behavioral responses. 

A Fundamental plan focuses on meeting two specific goals for the summer. One goal is for social awareness, and the other is for emotional awareness. The goals are determined by the Fundamentals team with input from the youth, family, county workers, and other supporting programs (if applicable).

The Summer Program runs Monday-Friday from 9am-3pm. We provide transportation to and from the program. We hold activities in two-hour blocks with a 30-minute lunch break. The days are divided into life skills and community-based activities.

Picking Strawberries
Autism Therapy

Milestones program

Our Milestones Program provides environmentally appropriate and safe summer programming for children (ages 9-13) with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Children in Milestones are exposed to structured learning activities with an emphasis on effective communication, social emotional-learning, and daily living skills. Children are provided a unique opportunity to interact with other peers in their age group in an accepting and safe environment where they will build self-help, play, and social skills that will decrease unwanted behaviors and increase their overall quality of life. 

Our staff is motivated to work with each child to help them make progress toward their and their family's personal goals. 

supplemental services

Services meant to enhance and improve the overall quality of our services.

We offer supplemental and complementary services to our core programs. These services help us target the various moving parts of our clients' lives and ensure that we take a comprehensive approach. 

Some of our supplemental services include:

  • Family Enrichment 

  • Weekend Programming 

Family Fishing
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