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Educational services that foster independence, persistence, and achievement in academics.

Presentation in Class

Academic Support: We help students grow academically and meet their personal and family goals along with their school's expectations and curriculum. We collaborate with schools for our students to receive the necessary academic support to be successful. We carry out interventions provided by partnering districts and monitor students' progress.


Social Emotional Learning (SEL): We help students learn to manage emotions and behaviors to enhance academic success. Our SEL activities help students connect appropriate emotions to situations that allow them to respond appropriately.


Skill Building: We provide group activities designed to modify and challenge errors in thinking, enhance executive functioning, and help our students build appropriate social skills.


On Call: We provide immediate response and intervention to schools for youth in behavioral crises.


Suspension Services: We offer families with children in suspension the opportunity for their child to be at our agency as an alternative option to being at home.


Family Engagement: We engage families through bimonthly meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and in-home visits. Family involvement is imperative to our students' success and a key component of our program.

For any information regarding our education services please email our Education Director Julie Braun at

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